Coffee Brewing 101

Coffee brewing techniques really impact the final flavor, but the first place to start is with great coffee. At Perk of Keto, we offer a variety of different single origin and blended coffees to choose from. With that and a few tools and tips, you'll be ready to play with some different brewing techniques and ratios to perfect your next cup! 

Coffee brewing equipment can vary, and there are many types to choose from. The ratios and techniques we describe below can work across a few similar pour-over methods, so regardless of which you have you should be able to dial in pretty quickly. 



Pour over is one of the most versatile coffee brewing methods. Since this is a filtered method, the pour over tends to present a coffee's cleaner and crisper side. Below is a tried and true formula that we use every day.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Start with fresh ground Perk of Keto coffee
  • Filtered water at 212 degrees (or boiling)
  • A pour over method like a V60
  • White V60 filters
  • A Kalita server to brew into
  • Scale
  • Small spoon
  • Timer
Follow the steps below to produce a rich and balanced cup of coffee. 
  1. Portion out 25 g of Perk of Keto coffee.
  2. Grind your coffee fresh on a medium setting to start. You will adjust this if needed later.
  3. Place your dripper onto the server and insert the paper filter. Pour enough water over the filter to wet it and pre-heat your dripper and server. Discard the water after a few seconds.
  4. Add your ground coffee to the filter and shake it to level it out.
  5. Place your dripper with coffee and server on your scale and tare it out.
  6. Make your first pour, or the “bloom”, using three times the amount of water to coffee. In this case it would be 60g. Pour in a circular motion making sure to saturate all the grinds. Set your timer at the same time you make your first pour.
  7. Use the spoon to stir your coffee, making sure all the grinds are saturated. You don’t want any large bubbles coming to the surface after this first pour.
  8. At 40 seconds start your second pour. You will pour in a circular motion till you hit 200g. Let the coffee slurry drip out a bit and then start again to 300g. Repeat these steps till you hit 400g of poured water.
  9. After the final pour gently swirl your coffee so that the bed of grinds levels out and you have an even extraction all the way through.
  10. Ideally you should see the water dip below the bed of coffee around 3.5 – 4 minutes.

The pour over coffee brewing method is one of our favorite ways to brew coffee on the weekend. It’s a great way to connect with your coffee and if  you are inclined you can experiment with grind size and pouring methods.