I'm a Dyslexia Specialist - Not a Coffee Roaster

If you can easily read this, then you either don't have dyslexia, or you had a really good reading teacher.

So why am I selling coffee? And what does coffee have to do with dyslexia? And who's doing all the roasting?

Good questions! Ok, so during the day, I manage a psychologist's office. He specializes in evaluating children for dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Every day I speak with parents of children who are struggling to learn how to read, write, and spell. 1 out of 4 children has dyslexia, and I would venture to say that only 1 out of 4 families can afford structured literacy therapy for their child. (That's my own statistic - don't quote me.)

For a parent who has a child with dyslexia, sometimes just the expense of the testing or the therapy their child requires is the one thing that keeps their child from reading at grade level. Testing and therapy is expensive. It is very sad when you know a parent can't go through with testing or therapy because of the cost. 

So at 3 pm when my day in the office is done (home office - I work virtually), I log into Zoom and work with teams of 3 children at a time for an hour each, every Monday - Thursday, to build their reading skills and to grow their confidence. 

Yes, I charge for my services as a Dyslexia therapist, but not all the time. And for those I do charge, I would like to be able to lower the cost. My goal is to help as many children as possible to learn how to read without it causing a financial strain to the family budget. 

Ok, so the coffee part.

I like coffee. Maybe so do you. I like helping children. Maybe you do, too. Maybe you'd be happy to know that by drinking a fantastic cup of coffee that you were also helping a child overcome the hurdles of dyslexia, creating a happy reader, a life-long learner, and that you were, in effect - changing the world. 

60% of coffee sales goes directly to helping families get a professional dyslexia evaluation and/or structured literacy therapy for their child.

My Roaster

I sampled coffee from so many different roasters before I found the one whose coffee I really love to drink every day. (Spoiler alert - my current favorite is Beneficio - but in the late afternoons, I love After 5 Decaf so I can actually sleep some at night. Some). The coffee company in NY that I work with selects only specialty grade, ethically farmed and sourced coffee beans. He is the one literally out there traveling the world to source these beans, and he is a master at roasting. 

When you place your coffee order with me, I immediately notify my roaster and he gets to work perfectly roasting your beans, bags them whole or ground, and then ships directly to you so that you get them at the peak of freshness. So yes, this is considered a drop-shipping business. Perhaps you've heard of this, and maybe you've received some items from China when you thought you were getting them from somewhere else. (I'm still waiting for a puzzle I ordered before Christmas. I got tracking info from China but no package. True story. Update - the puzzle arrived in February - I placed the order in November!) None of that ridiculousness here. I work directly with the roaster, and I am extremely happy to offer what I consider to be the best craft-roasted specialty coffee around. Thank you for supporting my business and the children that I work with daily. 

Drink the coffee! Change the World!